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Act 2013 [No Subs]


Act 2013

Release Date: 2013
Genre: Romance | Suspense-Thriller | 18+
Stars: Kim Hee-jeong,Seo Tae-hwa,Seo Eun-ah, Kwak Min-ho
Act 2013 about Joo-hee is a married professor. She is stunned to learn that her husband Dong-hyuk falls in love with her own student Yeon-mi. Joo-hee pretends she doesn’t know about their relationship and invites Yeon-mi to her home. Dong-hyuk and Yeon-mi, believing Joo-Hee is oblivious to their affair, continue their intimate relationship at Joo-hee and Dong-hyuk’s home. Joo-hee though has her own plans.

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